Keep on walking

So I made a few more Walk of Life edits:

That worked nicely, I think. It almost seems appropriate, so I figured I should try a different track:

That’s probably longer than it needs to be, or maybe it just seems that way. I think it would have been a lot stronger if I was able to edit the cuts to align with the music. But at this point I was also thinking that I only know old movies. So let’s look at something more recent:

I haven’t actually seen Wolf Warrior, although it is in my “watch later” list, so I have no idea how the music relates to the story. But maybe that doesn’t matter.

Here I just stripped the sound entirely. In retrospect, I should have cut the parts where people’s lips are moving. Maybe I’ll redo it. So I had to try one more:

I’m guessing Alex would not have approved.


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