Record Store Day’s big score

There was some impromptu vinylcasting on ds106radio yesterday, ending up with Jim playing Sonic Youth’s Goo album. One of the songs was Cinderella’s Big Score. The title echoes the Shaft sequel, so it was just asking for the ds106 mashup treatment.

I found a good resolution version of the poster online, then went looking for a Cinderella image. I found a suitable one with a plain white background, which would make combining the two easy. To recreate the title, I googled “Shaft’s Big Score typeface” and learned that it was ITC Pioneer, and was then able to screenshot a couple previews to get the lettering I needed. Once I had all the components, putting them together was fairly quick. I wanted to get it done before the record was over, but I missed my deadline by a few minutes. I whited out the title and the image of Shaft where it extended beyond the background image. I used the Content Aware Fill function in Photopea to remove the rest of him. I imported Cinderella, using the Magic Wand to remove the white background, and sized it appropriately. I placed my new title on top and filled the letters with a shade of pink. I tweaked some of the wording to remove Shaft and change he’s to she’s, and called it good enough.

It’s good enough if you don’t look too close. I probably could have done a better job on editing the background image, maybe even pulling in some wicked stepsisters. I really should have redone the credits at the bottom. I’m not sure who the stars should be, but the obviously the director should be Kathryn Bigelow.

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  1. Jim Groom says:

    I have to say I was wondering if this was actually a movie given how fast and seamless it looked, absolutely brilliant poster mashup, this brings me back to 2011. Your mashup game is very, very strong!

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