Storytelling through design

I spotted this in a show on Tubi TV

It’s one of those interrogation scenes. The thing to notice here is how the actor’s shirt matches the color of the wall. It is a subtle message to the viewer that this guy belongs here. He fits right in. It is not a coincidence that the walls are that color, or that his shirt is that color. We can generally take it for granted that everything we see in a video was planned – designed – down to the last detail.

This is an example of design beyond graphic design, in that design is also a deliberate decision-making process to achieve a desired end. Sound and stories are designed. Lighting, costumes and sets are designed – all for storytelling purposes. This is just a quick example of considering design in a larger sense.

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  1. And it makes the viewer focus on his face and emotions in the first frame–very intimate.
    Then in the second frame, we’re drawn to the video screen. We pull back from the intimacy of the two people interacting and we’re engaging with them more distantly, through monitors.

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