Going off script

For today’s Daily Create, I pretty much immediately decided I wanted to make a word cloud of the Joy of Painting. So I went to a random episode and opened up the transcript on Youtube and copied it. The TDC prompt linked to an archived version of the original Wordle tool, so I pasted the text there… but it didn’t work. I also got a DNS error when I tried to download the desktop version. So I went to an online imitator and used that. Then I thought, “No, that’s not enough.” I took the template from the prompt and brought that and the word cloud into the Gimp and layered them so the word cloud shows through the grid. Wordles old and new living in harmony.


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One Response to Going off script

  1. Alan Levine says:

    That seems on script to me! I was hoping to make some kind of old wordle like cloud with different block sets sprayed out… probably too much effort here.

    Thanks for keeping the spirit going and with the new #ds106 students too.

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