“I’d Love to Change the World”

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

We’ve had 10 years of Daily Creates. We’ve had 10.6 years of ds106radio

And I found out that this month I’ve had ten years of ds106. January 2012 was when I initially infiltrated ds106 as an uninvited guest.

Everyone else from those days has fled, away from ds106, away from UMW. Some have even fled the country. But I remain, still haunting this creaking mansion on the web, and still welcoming new visitors

This Will All Be Mine by Tom Mrazek flickr.com/photos/tommrazek/23488328040

Since people are doing ten year challenges lately, let’s see if my GIFfing has improved. The Joker image may be my first GIF. The Bob was from last summer.

It’s been ten years, and like the doubtful guest, I have no intention of going away.

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