Bambi did it first

I’m sure we all know about the cinematic classic, Bambi Meets Godzilla. So I decided to make a Bob version. This was just a quickie. I grabbed some painting sounds from a Joy of Painting episode, along with the brush-beating sound to make it recognizable as Bob. The Godzilla roar is there so you know who’s stepping. I tried to get a stomp and splat sound together, but I don’t think that worked too well. Then I added a few more steps and applied a fade-out effect. Maybe I should take this and embed it in my Bobzilla mashup. But it’s a bit too obvious to invest more time in, I think.

Here are my sources:
Bob Ross – Misty Forest Oval (Season 14 Episode 12)
Godzilla Roar Comparison | Evolution of Godzilla Roars (1954-2019)
Golem stomp c and Boot stomp on mud surface from
Dino Stomp

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