“Nature points out the folly of man”

Our friend Thomas noticed the Godzilla trend that seems to be coming up in ds106. It was unexpected, but I wholeheartedly approve. So I had this idea that felt like it might work.

I had previously found a transcription of The Joy of Painting theme on Musescore and copied the melody in my Musescore program so I could attempt to learn to play it on mandolin, as seen briefly in Week 3. Could I mash this up with Blue Oyster Cult’s Godzilla? I found a transcription of the Godzilla bass line in Songsterr. I had to google how to make a double staff in Musescore, because I barely know what I’m doing with any of this. I did know enough to transpose the Bob theme into the key of A. So I copied the theme into the treble clef and put the Godzilla riff in the bass clef. I can’t play piano, but the software can do it for me, and, as I discovered, can also export to mp3:

I thought it seemed to work. I could also export to midi, so I used that to bring it into Logic, another software I barely know. I thought I might be able to change it to something other than piano:

I think I should have pumped up the bass on that one. While this exercise is completely goofy, I now have a Bobzilla. So I got that going for me.

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