Down in the basement, that’s where it’s at

We made a quick video for This Week in ds106 which while quick to make, did take some planning. Jim masterminded everything through OBS, which ds106ers with video ambitions may want to look into, as it’s powerful, cross-platform and free. I’ve only started playing with it. Jim compared it to the GIMP, an open-source Photoshop replacement I’ve been working with. The comparison is apt because it’s all about layering, and also because I need to Google every other thing I try to do. That’s okay because I get multiple explanations for everything. And it’s the ds106 way.

If the zero-budget production isn’t obvious enough, here’s a behind-the-scenes picture of the setup on my end:

We’re interested in seeing if the class will contribute to the production. Theme music and opening and closing graphics are obvious needs, but we welcome all ideas.

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