Waving the false flag

The Daily Create for today was to do a mashup of flags. There was a recommended app, but I went looking for other ones and found Fake Flag. This looked cool because you could take elements from multiple flags and layer them together. It’s probably worth further experimentation. Anyway, I used a pirate flag because it had a skull, the St. Lucia flag because it reminded me of Star Trek, and the Trinidad & Tobago flag because T&T is dyn-o-mite. I wasn’t too happy with the outcome, but I let it go because I wanted to do something further. I remembered making a waving ds106 flag some time ago, using a flag waver app. It was a simple thing to download from Fake Flag and upload to Flag Waver. Maybe there’s an easy way to download from Flag Waver, but I didn’t see it. I just used Quicktime to record the screen for a few seconds, then uploaded the MOV file to an online MOV to GIF converter. And here you go:

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