The sounds of dreams

For our Monday night tweet-along, we listened to Episode Nine: I Saw Myself Running of ESC: Sonic Adventure in the Anthropocene. The series is

a work of experimental audio-based scholarship combining sound studies, radio history, and environmental criticism. This unique project is a fully open access, fully digital suite of audiographic essays, presented as a ten-part podcast series, combining spoken commentary, clips from classic radio dramas, excerpts from films and television shows, news reports, and the work of contemporary sound artists.

I like it for many reasons, in particular for how it uses one story, and old-time radio show, to tell larger stories about culture and the environment. It also analyzes sound and its functions as it uses sound to tell its stories.

We had a pretty good turnout and a lot of great interaction with each other and the episode. Here are a few of the thoughts people shared:

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