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We have a lot of great thoughts looking forward to final projects. I recommend that everyone look over each other’s thoughts. Maybe you’ll find ideas you can use. Maybe you’ll have ideas to share. Several people are on similar wavelengths. Maybe they can find ways to work together.

With everything going in the world I think having a space to post/share what they are doing would be interesting. … We have to stick together! 

I want to take as much good as I can from this

I honestly would prefer to work in a group. We should physical distance ourselves, but not socially distance ourselves. 

Physical distance + social cohesion. I suspect that we’ll find out in the days to come just how much we need connection. We can find ways to work together. It just means planning, being proactive and reaching out. I won’t mandate group work, but I do encourage it. There is a creative benefit to bouncing ideas off each other, and now there’s likely to be a mental health benefit as well. If I can do anything to help facilitate connections, let me know. ds106radio helps me. Sometimes it just rebroadcasts WFMU, but it also carries voices from ds106 past and present, and from the global ds106 community.

scientists/researchers, inventors, architects, political leaders, doctors, activists, etc. There’s so much that could be done with this! 

We’ve been looking at popular culture, but what’s popular varies across communities. If we look past the people everyone talks about I’m sure we can find hidden influencers who have had major (or minor) impact. Those are stories worth telling too.

an idea is to possibly put together clips of history especially what pandemics hit in the 1980s

I googled 1980s crises just to see what would come up. I had to go to the fifth page of results before I found anything other than financial crises, mostly in the US. That’s where AIDS showed up. Crack became a crisis in the 80s as well.

Create a new board game

I’m not at all a gamer, so I probably don’t have any worthwhile ideas here. But a board game is a way of interacting while having to shelter in place. There are ways to build stories into it, or out of it. There could be a digital component, although I’m not sure what that would look like. You could even play remotely by sending pictures of the board back and forth.

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