Booger panic

So I left work Friday because I wasn’t feeling well. It ended up just being a common cold, but I played it safe and put myself under quarantine. It’s complicated by allergies, so I still get an occasional sneezing fit. Like now.

In communicating with people at work, I mentioned that I probably shouldn’t come in because I might cause a booger panic. I got an email in response:

It occurred to me that Booger Panic could be the name of my next band, so I went about making a logo. I went to Da Font and looked for something drippy and stuck a little trademark symbol on the end.

And since I had the logo, I thought I’d try a little branding

But this is why I’ll never be a star – I don’t think big enough:

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5 Responses to Booger panic

  1. Jim Groom says:


    I am really glad to hear it was just the common cold! Although I was looking forward to inheriting your vinyl, so damn 🙂 Stay golden, Ponyboy!

  2. Well, Mr. Paul, that was a funny. Panic has two parts like booger so the rhythm of it works. I wonder if there is a word not panic but it starts with B.

    Booger Brigade
    Booger Bust-up
    Booger Brouhaha
    Booger Battalion
    Booger Boomerang (just because boomerangs are a fun time, plus, good for missions)
    Booger Burrito
    Booger Distribution
    Booger Empowerment
    Booger Factory
    Booger by the Minute
    Booger Boo, Where are You?
    Booger Boo, You Are Goo.
    Booger Booger Boo, You Are Goo. (for better singing of it)
    Booger Burger
    The Booger Burgers
    Booger Burger Party Pack
    The Booger they are, the harder they sneeze.

    Those are just some ideas of it. Plus you can have them under Creative Commons, (But if you make it big I get 5%).

  3. Actually, this is a fun time making up names for Booger things, so maybe I will come back with more ideas.

    You could use panic in a different way:
    Panic in the Booger Mill

    I think I want to change my mind for a Booger Distribution and make it:
    Booger Distribution Curve

    But I think my favourite so far one is:
    Booger Burger Party Pack

    If you choose one of those ones then I want 8%.

    Your #TrueFriend,

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