The Sounds of Science

We’ve had three great evenings of live tweeting ds106radio. The point of this was to analyze, together, how sounds can paint pictures and drive stories. My favorite thing about this exercise is that the idea for it came from a class a few years ago. The students suggested it, and it was brilliant. This week, we’ve been listening to ESC: Sonic Adventure in the Anthropocene. We heard episodes 3, 4 and 6 so far.

What the author does is remix several stories to tell a larger one. It also analyzes sound at the same time as it uses sound, underscoring the point I hope to get across. Friend of ds106 @scottlo, a radio master himself, brought the show to my attention. Another example of how the community creates the course.

By listening together and sharing our insights, we can pick up on things we might otherwise not notice, or not recognize. We all know that music impacts the mood of drama, but we may not all be aware of how it does that. So it helps when people bring their expertise to bear. It can be harder to make connection and have conversation in an online class. The opportunities are there, but it takes extra effort and initiative to take advantage of them. So I appreciate everyone who has joined in so far, and hope to see more tomorrow

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