Elmer to the rescue

It’s not necessary to do write-ups for Daily Creates, but I do them sometimes just because. Yesterday’s Daily Create asked us to add a rescue vehicle to a piece of art. I liked the inspiration for the challenge, but I wanted to find a way to do it differently. I thought I might make it an audio piece, so I went to Freesound, my go-to source for sound effects, and looked for a fire truck. Now I had to think of what I could do with it. My first thought was the old Ohio Players song, but I thought that already had a siren. Thinking about other “Fire” songs, I remembered Robin Williams’ Elmer Fudd impersonation where he sang Springsteen’s song. I downloaded the Freesound clip and the video, and imported them both into Audacity. In hindsight, I realize I could have just exported to MP3 right away, since I know from prior experience that the program mixes tracks upon export. But I applied a fade-in effect to the video soundtrack and copied and pasted the sound effect as a outro first, then uploaded the output to Soundcloud

It’s hardly a masterpiece of creative inspiration, but it’s something. And that’s really the point – to make something, to get in a habit of regular creativity. If we wait for the brilliant ideas to come, it may never happen, but if we create for the sake of creating, we can generate ideas, and maybe find a way to make something brilliant out of the work we have cataloged.

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