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Today’s Daily Create was Creative Graffiti. I tried a graffiti assignment a long time ago, so I liked the idea. I don’t have any recent pictures of graffiti, but I did photo some street art a while back. I could run that through some of the filters from the other day to see what happens.

But maybe I could do something more meaningful, like ds106 graffiti. I found a generator in the photofunia site, but it doesn’t accept numbers. So I went to dafont.com to look for something I might use. For whatever reason, a lot of graffiti fonts don’t have numbers. Not sure why that is. But I found one that could work. Then I had to think of what to put it on. I went to flickr looking for a Creative Commons licensed image and found something from former ds106er Stephanie Lefferts that seemed perfect for some Photoshoppery.

That was probably a bit more work than a Daily Create should entail, but is was fun

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