Monkey Shines

One site/feed/whatever I like following is Behind the Grooves. Occasionally it brings up things I didn’t know about, more often things I forgot about. So today is the birthday of Peter Gabriel’s Security album:

I don’t even know if I have this one, and I’m too lazy right now to go to the other room and check. I remember “Shock the Monkey” being a big MTV hit. Most of my people thought he was too weird and didn’t like his work, but started to warm up to him through this song. I liked his work because it was weird and experimental. It seems influential, especially in the big drum sound of the 80s, although it may have been more precognitive than progenitive. Maybe I’m just saying that because I think it sounds smart, but changes in technology changed the way music sounded. Vox had a video about it:

So now we know.

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