“…the Smurf, the Popeye, and the Jerry Lewis”

It is fascinating to read what everyone has to say about the 80s theme. (See why you were asked to tag your posts?) I see a lot of enthusiasm for it, which is something of a relief. It seems like it’s old enough to be ancient history, but not quite old enough to be the kind of history that’s studied, although I could be wrong about that. It is a foreign land to most of us. We have impressions, or not, but those impressions come through media and the memories of others, and may not align with the lived experience of natives. As I recall, even at the time the picture of contemporary society presented through the media did not match the lives anyone in my social circle led. To me, the 80s looked like Heavy Metal Parking Lot:

Except for Zebra Man – no one dressed like that.

But it doesn’t matter if we have different views, or no view of the 80s whatsoever. We get to make of this what we want. We make our own connections, and connect in our own ways. There is no wrong way to do it. Just go for creativity and don’t let any preconceived notions stand in your way.

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