Mixed Up Mountain Jam

We had a Daily Create today for Mountain Day. The command for the Create is simply “Celebrate Mountain Day,” with no indication or suggestion as to how. I had seen Ted Gould’s tutorial (YT) on the bass line for Prince’s Mountains not too long ago, so I thought of mountains in song. There are a lot of them. I pulled snippets from a few:
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
Fire on the Mountain by the Grateful Dead
Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction
Mississippi Queen by Mountain
Over the Mountain by Ozzy
Mountains by Prince
Mountain Jam by the Allman Brothers
and spliced them together. Most of the transitions are pretty bad, but there is some sort of flow to it. Being a Daily Create, I did it quickly, but if I put more time and thought into the selection and editing, I might be able to make something interesting. On the other hand, the content police will probably mute the piece anyway, so it may not be worth the investment. But until then, here’s the Mountain Mash:

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  1. Paul, I love this! This is what an open-ended Daily Create prompt can do. Well done!

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