Bagged and tagged

Commencing inspection of Training Officer (TO) BOND's backpack
Backpack belonging to TO BOND
Item 1 Metal water bottle
The bottle implies a connection with Penn State. This appears to be a red herring, or a subtle misdirection.
Items 2 and 3 eating implements
Item 2 is ostensibly an orange peeler, although the small blade could serve other purposes. Item 2 is a paring knife, which seems innocuous, but apparently has seen heavy use judging from the condition of the handle. Consider upgrading.
Item 4 listening device
This is a standard iPhone earbud/microphone wire, with adapter, which lacks the tensile strength to function as a garrote. Recommend upgrading to agent standard version.
Item 5 book
This is not on the list of agency-approved standard equipment. The title matches BOND's name and should be considered a red flag. Recommend BOND for a psych eval. Check for narcissism within acceptable levels.

This is based on the What’s in your bag? assignment, which has been a required character-visualization assignment in the past. I applied it to the backpack I use, filtered through the secret agent theme. This meant looking at the various items and considering how else they might be used in an agent context.

I wanted to set it up as a table, thinking that might make it look bureaucratic and outdated. I found the TablePress plugin, which didn’t quite give me what I envisioned, but it does the job and it may come in handy in the future. Photographically, I think it would have been better to use a tripod and a less decorative table. Given the context, it makes sense for the photos to be documentary snapshots, with little thought to composition or aesthetics. It’s really more of an exercise in design than imagery, but I think it made sense to take that approach.

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