The man with the golden camera

I’ve been playing with James Bond titles in the weekly assignments, so I had the idea to rework a movie poster. I googled for examples and found a site with loads. There’s quite a variety there, so I also did an image search for golden camera to let that help guide my choice. The image and poster I used were a natural match. I’m not sure if the poster is official, but it appears to be a product of Matt Raubenheimer. I found out he was on Twitter, so I asked for his permission to remix his work and he said “Yes” within minutes.

The camera shutter icon came from a stock photo site. I had to redo the title, so I went looking for an easy way to get that metallic look on the typeface. I went with this tutorial and used a color overlay to make it gold. I should have played with the settings more, and perhaps the font as well, because it looks way too much like a MS WordArt horror. Even a flat gold color would have been better – more legible and less distracting. I left it as is for the purposes of critique.

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