Old Blue Eyes

I was inspired to do this because Emily did one. I had forgotten all about this assignment. The cat lives up the street. I don’t know his name, so I call him Frank, after Sinatra, who was nicknamed “Old Blue Eyes.” He only acts friendly when my wife is with me, so I think he has trust issues. I googled for Shakespeare quotes about eyes, and found this one fitting. I put the type in Garamond, an old style typeface, and used Photoshop’s eyedropper tool to pick up the color from the cat’s fur. I probably should have done some cropping to make the photo look more composed and less like a snapshot. Maybe next time…

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  1. I could not stop laughing when you said that the cat is only friendly with your wife. My cat is only friendly with my boyfriend but is mean when I try to pet her! I may do this assignment for this week!

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