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Today’s Daily Create says to “Colorize a Photo with a Silly Color.” Sounds like fun. First I needed a silly color. If I were creatively inclined, I’d probably make one up, but since I’m lazy, I googled “invent a color” and found this list of AI-generated colors. I happened to be listening to Mississippi Fred McDowell (Youtube playlist) as when I came across the TDC, and that color Ronching Blue seemed like a natural fit for Mississippi Fred. I grabbed the picture from Wikimedia Commons. You might’ve recognized that Ronching Blue was a bit too gray for colorizing, but I tried it anyway, with predictable results. But Stanky Bean had a silly name and some nice color to it, so I used that for my second try. Conveniently, the AI list gave the RGB values and the colorizing tool had a way to input the values. Inconveniently, the download function didn’t capture the color change. But the right-click, Save Image function worked so here you have it:

Mississippi Fred

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