by Bob McLeod, from The Incredible Hulk #339

I’ve been pretty consistently blown away by the reflections on the readings in this season of ds106. This week brings us design thoughts, something that’s usually a bit of a struggle. Too often people confuse decoration or templates with design, when both of those miss the fundamental principle of purpose. Design is not to look pretty, it’s to accomplish something. But everyone so far is picking up on Vignelli, the Italian maestro, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and his infectious enthusiasm. One of the things I really like about Hassan is the attention to detail and depth of analysis that he gives. Like Tony Zhou does with film, Hassan shows us another way of looking at sequential art, not just to get the story, but to get how the story is being told, by exposing the underlying language and how it works. That can give us both a deeper appreciation for the art, and  an understanding of how to make our own art.

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