The radio show project is my favorite part of ds106. There are usually some complaints about the difficulty of working with audio and collaborating online, but almost everyone does great work and is justifiably proud of their creations. We had three shows on our first night, starting with the Miami Spy Convention:

This had a group of reporters working the convention and talking to some attendees, including Maxwell Smart, the Spy Kids and Austin Powers.

This show had a lot of nice touches, from the characters to the commercials to the convention hall background noise.

The next show was Cloak and Dagger, a story of surveillance:

Like the first show, this one used sound very effectively.

And the writing was top notch and topical

It ended with a “to be continued…” which left everyone hanging. Maybe that was revenge for Limetown. Still it was a great show and raised interesting issues around ethics and surveillance. And a great group effort as well.

Our third show featured the College Spy Kids

This took the form of a quiz show where they had to identify spy movies from their theme songs

It made for a fun contrast to the seriousness of the previous show, but it also included some analysis of how the themes work and what they contribute to the films. So it was a great first night, and we’re all looking forward to the next group of shows!


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