Top Secret: For your eyes only

Being a secret agent is a risky business. For security’s sake it is important that you know who each other are, in case any of you should cross paths. You may find it advantageous to be aware of each others backgrounds, skills and strengths, so you should familiarize yourself with the contents of this file. We are lucky to have such a diverse group. As this file is top secret and confidential, you should destroy it after you have it memorized, as per protocol.

Name: Athena
Code Name: Agent A
Personal motto: Pay attention to me!
Bio: Secret Agent for O.S.A.A (Organization of Secret Agent Animals). My mission is to rid the backyard of Dr. Squirrel and his evil minions. When I’m not working, I’m in my mom’s lap begging to be pet or sleeping in the sun spot on mom’s bed. I work out by playing fetch with my favorite snowball squeaky toy and love to kick back with a bully stick every now and then.

Name: Wren Wilder
Code Name: 3
Personal motto: All good things come in threes.
Bio: A dual interest in property management and government surveillance/intelligence  lands 003 in a middle-management role,  keeping track of bazookas and office chairs with equal vigor.

Name: Kaos Brown
Code Name: Agent Smith
Personal motto: Darkness is the best cover
Bio: I am quiet but follow orders. I never get detected by the enemy.

Name: Ben Aggos
Code Name: Aggos
Personal motto: Get them to court.
Bio: Ben Aggos is a lawyer in London who also doubles as a secret agent with the partner of his firm. He brings down the bad guys as a secret agent then tries them in court as a prosecutor

Name: Al Gore
Code Name: ManBearPig
Personal motto: No one can stop the unbreakable ManBearPig
Bio: By day I work as politician in the United States Government, but by night I am a part of a secret organization of spies. We use global issues and problems by day  to keep the enemy off our tail, and we hunt them at night. I lead this group of exceptional spies and tend to take a more backseat role giving out the orders. They call me the ManBearPig or MBP for short.

Name: Frank Underwood
Code Name: Franwood
Personal motto: Living for something, even small, is the most important thing a person can do.
Bio: Born in Long Island New York to Sam Underwood and Ryan Underwood. Frank has one brother names James who is five years younger. Frank grew up wanting to be just like his father who was a fireman but had a change of heart in college when he was approached by Thomas Hobbs at a job fair, who informed him of other ways of helping people out rather than being a firefighter. Hobbs introduced Frank to the endless possibilities of becoming a secret agent and what responsibilities came along with the position. This was the begging of Franks Career.

Name: JJ Redick
Code Name: The Kid
Personal motto: Life’s a beach, I’m just playing in the sand
Bio: Senior in high school, who when not at practice, wether it be baseball, golf or basketball, you can find me taking down crime with my super crazy family.

Name: Neil Roberts
Code Name: Soap
Personal motto:  They don’t think it be like it is but it do
Bio: US Naval Academy Graduate, former Navy Seal, beat up bad guys for a living

Name: Alex Burns
Code Name: Agent Zero or The Marksmen
Personal motto: “Waiting. Like it or not, it’s a skill all spies have to master eventually.”
Bio: Kills whoever the CID tells me to kill

Name: Lillian O’Dell
Code Name: Fawn
Personal motto: Being mundane is efficient
Bio: O’Dell started at a clerical job at the Central Intelligence Agency for a number of years, after gaining access to certain key strategic documents her job assignment changed to fit with her new found expertise. She now works with securing and transferring important information for the agency both at home and abroad. Her ability to blend in and remarkable memory skills make her an asset.

Name: Kate “The Marksman” Jones
Personal motto: Revenge is a kind of wild justice
Bio: With her husband dead, Kate “The Marksman” Jones’ husband dead, she’s on the hunt to find the killer and make him wish he was dead.

Name: Dennis Pratt
Code Name: D-Boy
Personal motto: Don’t let me catch you wipper-snappers leaving crumbs on my floor, y’hear?
Bio: every building needs a man who can clean up, and that is where Dennis comes in. Born in Memphis, he was a simple farm boy, and stayed that way for about 18 years until he decided to serve his country, it was the height of the cold war, and he decided to be a spy. so he went through a 2 year training course to be a spy, but by the time he finished, spies weren’t as huge a necessity to the us, so they gave him a desk job, but also allowed him to partake in small missions that were not too high risk. while working he met his future wife deborah, and they were married for about 30 years, but then deborah died and left him with 1 kid, paul. Dennis went into a bit of a depression and sulked around his work. he was transferred to DS106 headquarters and didn’t do much. he didn’t want to do anything since the love of his life died. So, he just decided to take the lonliest job and keep to himself most of the time, he became a janitor. but since then, he has perked up and taken his job as Janitor a little too seriously. DS106 headquarters is spotless all thanks to Dennis’ war on Filth. he gets a little overbearing about cleanliness at times, and would probably be let go if it were not for the fact that Janitors have S level access cards to clean everwhereon the facility, so he is the one person who probably knows about every secret mission. thank goodness he’s just a janitor, or our enemies might pry him for information more often. some people have tried to get his information, but his training as a spy comes in real handy then, since he usually leaves any opponent with a broken hand and sparkly clean.

Name: Lynn Harris
Code Name: Agent Reveal
Personal motto: Nothing is truly hidden from Agent Reveal
Bio: Lynn was recruited by the FBI in 1984. At 20, she was able to do things that no other agent was able to. She is a very valued agent that has been able to go under cover for many special ops programs and has come out successful. Agent Reveal is fluent in Arabic and English and has been able to translate Arabic for the FBI for 30 years.

Name: Charles Finch
Code Name: Rubiks Tilbit
Personal motto: Right as rain and left as —, that’s what I always say!
Bio: Agent Tilbit’s past is not well-known at the agency aside from a few small details that he has let slip on limited occasions such as the fact that he was married at one point and shares his birthday with the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Name: Igtherion
Code Name: Zephyr
Personal motto: I don’t like doing this dairy much.
Bio: Was child to actual milk men and realized their inconspicuous position.

Name: Boris Ongorachov
Code Name: Bongo
Personal motto: Spin everything.
Bio: Directly from Wharton business school in Pennsylvania, Boris always had an interest in being a secret agent. Unfortunately, he failed all of his physical field tests. Luckily for him, a public relations position opened up at the agency. He’s known as bongo because he plays the media like a drum.

Name: Margaret Francis Delatour
Code Name: Special Agent GO
Personal motto: To stay in the same place is to exist, but to travel is to live.
Bio: Margaret Francis Delatour was born in the coastal French town of La Rochelle. Her father was a high-up international business man who also inherited quite a bit of money from his family and her mother was fairly well known wedding dress designer. She had no siblings and only a pet cat Ruby to keep her company. Margaret was always well off; she had the best of everything. She went to a very prestigious private school in town that you could only get into through connections. She went away to college to study business because after seeing her dad, she wanted to be a powerful business woman. Margaret was a very beautiful girl with many great talents and could get any guy she wanted. One day, she met a man at a bar. He wanted to talk in private with her. She was hesitant at first but he didn’t seem like a bad guy so she went. It turns out, he was from the EFSA, the European-French Spies Alliance. He thought she would be a perfect spy. Away from her home life, he offered her a glamorous life like you would see in the movies. She would be wining and dining throughout the world in the best restaurants, flying to multiple places in a day on a private jet she would get, and always going to glamorous parties and meeting the most influential of people. Since she was so used to always having the best, this kind of life intrigued her and really she didn’t even have to think about her answer. She was going to become a spy.  She finished out her business degree while she underwent spy training. She quickly found that even though the lifestyle was glamorous, the job was not for the faint of heart. Her code name was Secret Agent GO, which stood for Golden October. She opened up a marina in her hometown of La Rochelle and it was a perfect spy base. She has been doing spy work since she got out of college up until now. She is constantly going on missions and she loves her life.

Name: Alex Berchek
Code Name: Viper
Personal motto: Do what you must
Bio: My names Alex, my first love is working on bikes but I do a lot of things.

Name: Mac Plaia
Code Name: Cobra
Personal motto: Do the things you fear. Fear the things you do.
Bio: Mac was part of the Brazilian special Forces, one of the top agents. She was dishonorably discharged when she was framed by evil  Kevin Duong. The Duong clan runs the biggest coke (i.e coca cola) dealership in brazi. Kevin has had a grudge on Mac ever since she got that promotion before he did back in 08′

Name: Annabella Smith
Personal motto: For king, country and myself
Bio: Annabella Smith was born in a small village in Cornwall in 1905 to a clergyman and nurse. Bored with country life, Smith left home at the age of 17 to live in London, where a year later she was arrested for burglarizing the homes of several major businessmen. Smith was given the choice between prison or becoming an agent for the British government. Smith is currently wanted for espionage and treason in Russia, Germany, France, Brazil, America, and Britain. When not rescuing the world from total destruction, she enjoys reading Sherlock Holmes novels and drinking vodka martinis.

Name: Alex Whales
Code Name: A.W.
Personal motto: The higher the risk the higher the reward.
Bio: A.W. is a gambler when he is not on a mission. He likes taking high risks whether it is on a mission or in the casino. He is all about privacy and being secretive. He is always one step ahead of everyone else.

Name: Nice Guy
Code Name: G07
Personal motto: The truth will set you free.
Bio: G07 is a spy who do not have a particular country she is working for. Known for being nice, hence her agent name “Nice Guy,” she always took on the assignments for others from multiple countries. It has been believed that she kept the relationship so well with others that even the countries that assigned her did not even speculate her building relationship with countries of their worst enemies. In another words, they all thought she was just friendly, not actually building ties and may even work against their own country.

Name: Robert Reynolds
Code Name: Moncure
Personal motto: Trust is hard to come by. Friends are harder.
Bio: Robert is a successful journalist who specializes in investigative journalism. He keeps his ears close to the ground and hand close to his gun. He had an old-town childhood in the fields of Kansas and had parents who worked hard for an honest living. He married his high school sweetheart and life was good until he began to make enemies while working in law enforcement. His enemies went after his parents and ultimately murdered them. Broken from the heartbreak, Robert spent the next two years tracking the people responsible and all connected to it. In his heartbreak, his wife was virtually left behind and never saw him. The two divorced, but Robert continued on his path of vengeance. His success in the field caught the attention of secret agent recruiters, who trained him and stuck him in an entry level position at the Chicago Tribune. Since then, Robert has been following orders, but keeps his own agenda above all others.

Name: Roderick Rush
Personal motto: Answer to no one
Bio: Roderick Rush is one of the most wanted spies in the world. At a young age, Rush was chosen by the shadowy spy organization ORION for his genius level intelligence, physical skill, and dedication. Today, intelligence officials across the globe disagree as to whom Rush owes his allegiance after an alleged falling-out with ORION. Rush operates under a number of aliases. Do not approach. If spotted, contact the highest authority possible.

Name: Aaron Brand
Code Name: The Accountant
Personal motto: Trust in yourself, before anyone else.
Bio: Aaron Brand was born on March 13, 1976 in Richmond, VA. Not much is known about Brand’s early life. In college, he studied accounting. After some of his early accounting jobs, he went on to work for the FBI as a forensic accountant. For the past 15 years, he has worked in forensic accounting positions. For the first 10 of those years, he worked for the US government, but has since fallen off of their radar. Attempts to keep an eye on Brand and what he’s been up to have been unsuccessful. There have been a few cases in which a certain expert accountant has been sighted working for criminal groups and governments around the world, and some think this to be Brand. In these instances, the figure is simply referred to as “The Accountant.”

Name: Scarlett Jones
Code Name: tinkerbell
Personal motto: Safety First
Bio: Went to school at the University of Alabama with a major in Marine Biology

Name: Kevin Burkhalter
Code Name: Agent 5ly
Personal motto: Invictus by William Ernest Henley, but specifically “It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul. ”
Bio: An up and coming Christian professor with interests in anything related to technology, athletics and espionage films and history.

Top Secret logo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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