The first question of the semester

It’s a fair question. I can’t speak for other classes, but in ds106 it is one of our main group conversation spaces. Since we don’t meet in person, we need a forum where we can all speak to the entire group. There are other ways to do it, of course, but Twitter (so far) has a persistence which has enabled the ds106 community to thrive. If you search the #ds106 hashtag on Twitter, you will find that there is a much larger community, people (and others) from all around the world.


You may find that they interact with you during the run of the course. It’s an added benefit that you get. When we say is , part of that life is the group of people who continue to create, making art for art’s sake. You are welcome to be part of that, should you choose to accept it.

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  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    Hi, Mr. Paul,

    Well, I was thinking about that question that you asked right after I read your post, and it was, “Why do all my classes use Twitter?” by Megan.

    So I was thinking that I would make a chime and give her my answers, plus because you are a #TrueFriend (where is your badge?) and plus you had my picture in this post along with Alan and John and Ron and Kathy and Mariana who are all #TrueFriendsWithBadges.

    So, one thing that is good about Twitter is grains. When it is Facebook then you have to go to somebody’s long page and sometimes there are comments but you really have to spend a #timesuck in there. But with Twitter, you can search by a word or a #tag (called a hashtag) and then plug in just one tweet in your blog post or you can make a #storify one of a whole bunch of them and put that in your blog post. So that is what I mean when I say it has more grains. Because you can make things out of all the bits of it, like bread.

    Also, when you make a TweetDeck or a #list for #ds106 or #ds106radio or the such, then you can get a FOCUS of just a certain part of Twitter, and that way you don’t get the Donald Trump parts. Because he is not a #TrueFriend, plus he would use the #MeanWord. I think there are stairs at the Capitol Building.

    Plus, when you make a new post on your blog, you can let everybody know about it if they are following you (like if you were a #TrueFriend would) and then they can read it and comment. Plus, like me, I have started to say a #tag (remember, that is a hashtag) called #WhatTinaSaid when I make a good comment on somebody’s blog (like I will do for this one) so that people can especially see the things that I say.

    Well, I think that is enough for now. I will leave some space for other folks to say their bit about Twitter.

    Your #TrueFriend,

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