Clown Stoppers

I heard today that the clowns have migrated all the way up to upstate NY, which is only 3 hours from most of my family. Last week I heard about a school going to lockdown due to a clown threat. So obviously something needs to be done about this clown problem. In order to do my part as a good citizen, I designed this Clown Stoppers logo:


Just add the number for your local Clown Stoppers hotline and you’re all set.

To make this logo, I first googled crimestoppers to see what their logos look like. Black and red is a theme, as is the guy behind bars. I went to Da Font to look for a typeface to use. I liked the spraypaint/stencil look because it is similar to our ds106 logo, but I stumbled across the Blade Runner Movie Font by Phil Steinschneider and liked the action and motion implied by the slant and the stripe. If you want to catch a clown, you gotta be quick! I also needed a clown logo, so I went to the Noun Project and looked. There I found a Clown by Olesya Kozlova, RU. I put the whole mess together in Photoshop, keeping the red and black theme and the bars. After I had it arranged to my satisfaction, I realized that the clown’s nose should also be red, so I made a last minute adjustment there. I suppose I could have done the hair as well and gone full Ronald with it, but in this case I think less is more.

Now I’m thinking of ways to take it further. Maybe I could to a ClownStoppers commercial for ds106radio, or a ClownStoppers show. Or a video? It would be a challenge.

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