“You put the lime in the coconut…”

We had a great first night of live-tweeting #ds106radio on Monday, with 13 listeners at one point.

What we saw, so to speak, over and over again, was the power of sound to make the story. Not just the words, although the writing is very effective, or the voice acting, which was also exceptional, but the use of sound effects to create a sense of place and of space, and to define the action.

The background music also worked brilliantly, both to indicate transitions and to enhance the mood.

And Katie brought the memes:

All the little details are important too. At one point Winona Crazypants mentions three films she saw in the Limetown theater. It was just a passing thing, but the titles weren’t chosen at random, I’m sure.

I’m sure the next three days will be just as good. I’m looking forward to it.

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