Now let’s take over the world.

One of the many awesome things about ds106 is the way the community’s creations become a constant source of inspiration. Evan posted a great Inkscape tutorial on making a flag, and added an animation of the flag waving at the end. He used the Online Flag Waver to do this, which was a new tool to me. I thought, we need our own flag. So I grabbed a screenshot from the ds106 home page, adjusted the contrast a bit in photoshop, and uploaded the image to the flag generator. I didn’t see a way to save the output, so I used Quicktime to make a screen recording of it. I looked at the resulting video and decided it needed some patriotic music, so I did a CC search and found the Washington Post March on Soundcloud. Put the two together in iMovie and here you go:

Now let’s take over the world.

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