“It’s the logical thing to do”

As I was reading “A Logic Named Joe,” I thought there should a marketing campaign to promote this product. I thought of a commercial jingle:

For anything you need to know
You can ask Joe!

and I can hear it in my head, with the canned music and the chorus of voices that does a million other commercial jingles. I don’t have the talent to sing or to do the right music though. I looked through the Audio Assignments, and found there was an assignment, Make Your Own Radio Commercial! that aligned with what I wanted to do! Saved me the trouble of writing one.

I went to CC Search to find some appropriate Creative Commons licensed music I could work with. After a few false starts, I looked for “happy” and found Morning Sun – Free Happy Background Music from Nicolai Heidlas Music. I thought that would work as background music, and I could do a voice over. So I came up with a script:

Do you have perplexing problems in your life that get you down? Sure. We all do. But help is here. Meet Joe – the next-level logic from the Logic Company. Any ordinary logic can tell you what, but Joe will tell you how. And all your troubles can be solved, just like that – logically. Call the Logic Company today. 1-800-LOGICCO. Get a Joe of your own – it’s the logical thing to do.
Use only as directed. Rules of logic may apply.

I opened up my download of the music in Audacity and recorded the voiceover. I had to play with some levels and amplify my voice a bit, and I applied a fade-out at the end. It’s silly, but it came out okay, I think.

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