Trouvé ou fabriqué

bath saltsI’ve been indulging my comic book fixation on and of for quite a while now. One of the things that interests me is the single panel, taken out of context. A fragment of a story. It can suggest all sorts of possibilities, or it can take or give new meaning in juxtaposition with other information. Intrapanel does an amazing job of taking close-up looks at pages and covers, finding new art in the details. What Intrapanel is doing is not really Found Art, more a remix in the vein of the Cut Up Method or the Pentametron.

Then the other day I came across this Manowar story in Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine. I don’t know anything about the character and I didn’t even read the story, but  I noticed the artist stuck to a 3×3 grid pretty consistently, which made most of the panels the same size. What would happen if I made a random slideshow out of them? It would probably turn it into gibberish, but maybe sequences would emerge that make some sort of sense.

I dissected the pages into their component panels, and left out the few that didn’t stick the the grid size. Then I found WOWslider, which can generate a random slide show and has a WordPress plugin. I played around with a few settings and came up with this.

  • TC05-03a
  • TC05-03b
  • TC05-03c
  • TC05-03d
  • TC05-04a
  • TC05-04b
  • TC05-04c
  • TC05-04d
  • TC05-04e
  • TC05-04f
  • TC05-04g
  • TC05-04h
  • TC05-04i
  • TC05-07a
  • TC05-07b
  • TC05-07c
  • TC05-08a
  • TC05-08b
  • TC05-08c
  • TC05-08d
  • TC05-08e
  • TC05-08f
  • TC05-08g
  • TC05-08h
  • TC05-08i
  • TC05-09a
  • TC05-09b
  • TC05-09c
  • TC05-09d
  • TC05-09e
  • TC05-09f
  • TC05-09g
  • TC05-09h
  • TC05-09i
  • TC05-10a
  • TC05-10b
  • TC05-10c
  • TC05-10d
  • TC05-10e
  • TC05-10f
  • TC05-10g
  • TC05-10h
  • TC05-10i
  • TC05-11a
  • TC05-11b
  • TC05-11c
  • TC05-11d
  • TC05-11e
  • TC05-11f
  • TC05-12a
  • TC05-12b
  • TC05-12c
  • TC05-12d
  • TC05-12e
  • TC05-12f
  • TC05-12g
  • wowslideshow
  • TC05-12i
jquery carousel by v8.7.1m

I don’t know if it makes anything worthwhile. The sequences rarely make any sense. But it’s an experiment, and maybe I will find a use for it.


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2 Responses to Trouvé ou fabriqué

  1. Jim Groom says:

    I went through the slideshow and it worked pretty well. Plus, I was impressed with MANOWAR’s glib, one-liner style. He is a superhero ahead of his time 🙂

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