Go west, young man

For our fourth round of ds106radio live tweeting, we had another two-fer: “Retribution” from Sears Radio Theater and “Gun Shy” from Gunsmoke. I liked the way people picked up on the sound details:

“Retribution” had some banjo music to mark the changes between scenes, and to add to the mood:

Gunsmoke caught people’s attention right from the start:

although it actually wasn’t action packed. “Gun Shy” was the story of a Baltimore boy who went west to try to be something he wasn’t. He ended up dying a hero, yet his heroics were off-screen, as it were. The characters in “Retribution” came west as well, to run away from their criminal reputation, but they brought it with them anyway. So here are the two shows:

Gunsmoke “Gun Shy”

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