High Noon at night

High-Noon-PosterOur Tuesday night tweet-along featured High Noon. Monday’s show was a radio adaptation (Shane) whereas this one was the soundtrack of a film. It made an interesting comparison. The radio program actually had less sound production – a lot less – and let the dialogue carry the story. The sounds played an important part, and were very effective, but they were simple and to the point. The movie had a wealth of sound and a rich use of background music, which told stories by itself.

It also had a lot of dialogue, which was why I picked it. It was occasionally hard to understand what was going on without any visual cues. Scenes would change, but we couldn’t tell by listening. It became problematic at the end though. Everyone picked up on the drama of the showdown.

We knew people were shooting, but we didn’t know anything beyond that. So here’s the final showdown: 

We missed a lot of that part of the story by not seeing it. I think it was a worthwhile experiment anyway though.

And a good time was had by all.

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