The Good, the Bad, and the Oblivion

I found this thing yesterday:

and when I saw today’s Daily Create I knew I had a use for it. I applied what I had learned before about lining up images with animated GIFs. After that trick, I cut out eye holes in the Dr. Oblivion layer:

Untitled 3so it came out like this:

UntitledBut I thought I could do better. I cut and pasted a block of the blue in Dr. Oblivion’s face to fill in one eyehole, and did it again for the other. So I had a top layer of the Twitter image, a layer just under that with two blue blocks, and then about a hundred layers of the GIF.

Untitled 2My idea was to try to make the skin tones in the GIF blue. To accomplish that, I changed the layer blending mode from Normal to Hue.

oblivioneyesI probably could have tweaked the color in the GIF to get a better blend. I definitely could have done a better job at cutting out the eyeholes. But this will do. I don’t know if anyone would get the Western reference without having it spelled out, but that’s okay. We know what it is, and that’s what counts.



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