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So I thought I’d write a little about the short video I made this week. I’ve done this kind of thing before, so I’m starting to get the hang of it. The class is starting into Audacity this week, and I want them to think about sounds in layers. My thought behind this video was to show that in action.

I recorded my part and tweaked it a bit in Audacity. This included amplifying my voice and deleting some lip-smacking sounds and other mouth noises. I had previously recorded a bit from Tombstone, so I imported that and lined it up to where I wanted it to start. Then I cut the remainder of my part and pasted it in after the Tombstone bit ended. I wanted to get some more layers in there so I found “Longing for Tumbleweeds” by Admiral Bob through a CC search. I found the coyote howls on a site called Soundboard. I downloaded those and imported them into my Audacity file. The music was too loud for background, so I used the volume slider to bring it down in the mix. I did some cutting and pasting and moving things around until I got it to where I wanted it, then exported it as an MP3. I used QuickTime Player to record my screen as the Audacity file was playing. Then I brought that recording and the MP3 into iMovie and more or less synced them together, and uploaded it to Youtube. And there you have it: a video of an audio recording as it plays.

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