Rule 106

I was about to write this as a comment, but then I thought it would be better to blog it for everyone to see. Our Storytelling Outlaw wrote about her experience working with the Assignment Bank:

While I had fun, I stressed about whether or not I was doing each assignment accurately or following the correct directions

No one needs to stress about doing the assignments from the Assignment Bank “right.” They’re really about exercising creativity, so you are welcome, even encouraged, to put your own interpretation on them. You could click the Remix button to find a way to do it differently, if you want.

remixWhat if you took this audio assignment and did it as a design assignment instead, making it into a banner or pop-up ad? Do not underestimate the amount of leeway you have in doing anything for this course.

The important things are:

There are Some Rules for Students and Teachers that apply here:
I like that Rule 7 is bigger than the others. But I’m also going to rename Rule 6:
Because this is the wild west. Make of it what you will.

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