The Curse of El Capitan

the horror the horrorMy plan for the first night of ds106tales ds106radio broadcasts was to get set up early, try out all the different inputs, and be ready to go well before 9. But sometimes things don’t work out. Apparently Soundflower doesn’t play well with the latest Mac OS, and I need it to broadcast system audio. When I tried to start the Soundflower, it appeared to work, but under the icon at the top of my screen I found a message saying the program was not installed. Some Googling indicated the OS incompatibility. There is an updated version, so I went about uninstalling and restarting and reinstalling and restarting, and then it was getting perilously close to showtime. The new version of Soundflower doesn’t work quite the same, so it took some figuring out and trial and error.

I had the shows scheduled to play automatically, just in case I couldn’t go live, so I figured I’d just let them play out that way, but then I found the radio station was just broadcasting dead air. Not sure what was going on there. So I tried again with Soundflower and Ladiocast and Quicktime and got the shows going, a minute or two late. I couldn’t get my microphone to play through and didn’t have time to test out Google Hangouts, so I couldn’t get any live conversation going, except on Twitter. A few of us were there:


There was good work on both shows. There were some sound balancing issues here and there, but sometimes you have to live with those when there’s a deadline. Spooksy seemed to be the hit of the evening:

So we will try again tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel, and hope we don’t strike out again.

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  1. Mike says:

    The “Spooksy seemed to be the hit of the evening” check is in the mail, by the way.

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