Recover the classics

The Creative Action Network is running a campaign for Recovering the Classics. I thought it would make a good assignment, so now it is. Supposedly you get a kickback if your cover sells. So I made this thing:


I probably should have gone more minimal and just used two red dots for bite marks, but instead I went overboard and tried to represent a neck. I googled neck to find an image (because I’m lazy), cropped it a bit and traced an outline. I didn’t think it looked neck-like enough, so I put a chin line in there. That was actually quite a pain because I did it in Illustrator and I suck at bezier curves. I used Baskerville for the typeface because it’s a classic. The Sherlock Holmes connection is completely coincidental. I wanted to use the Golden Rectangle for the proportions, but the site specifies 12×18, so I guess we can’t make Vignelli happy. In retrospect I still don’t think it looks neck-like enough, but I’m calling it done anyway.

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