Les choses sont contre nous – ds106radio

For our third night of ds106radio listening, we had two tales – “Who Goes There” originally a John Campbell short story (PDF) and later a few different movies and even a couple of comic books, and “Nightmare” which was originally a poem, Nightmare Number Three by Stephen Vincent Benét

They both did a great job with the sound effects. “Who Goes There” didn’t have a whole lot of them, but what was there made quite an impact

The music was also minimal yet impactful

Our second tale came from the Dimension X radio series, broadcast back in 1951. The recording was a little more primitive, but the sound production was excellent

and it was primitive in other ways as well

The radio feed that followed the Tales from ds106 broadcast had some weird skipping thing going on

but we had a pretty good crowd again

Our participants included:

and some of us are ready for the fourth and final of the week on Thursday

Who else dares to go there?

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