Your showcase of showcases


by Harry Clarke, from Faust

We’ve had a few Weekly Showcases come in and I like the creativity and personality in them. One was a collaboration between Repsag, Mama Tavia and the Death Whisperer. It was good to see people working together. It makes the online class experience a little less isolated. Dennis hosted a showcase in his unique wordburst style. The week before we had a collage from La Noir and an interesting conversation  on the week’s work from Sally Slaughterhouse and Walter the Walker.

There is a great deal of variety among everyone’s choices for their top five. I don’t suppose that is surprising, but it is certainly welcome. This week’s showcases were a bit curious in that they were all text-only. Since it was a visual week, I would have expected to see embedded images as well as links. I gave everyone free rein to do it their own way, so I can’t really fault anyone, but if the point is to showcase and celebrate each others’ work, then I think it would make sense to let us see or hear it rather than hiding it behind hyperlinks. But beyond that quibble, I love the way people are taking to it. Keep on horror hosting!

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