Live tweeting pigeons vs. ravens

For our second night of ds106radio live tweeting, we had a pretty good crowd

Even Talky Tina joined us. She was in her element

The use of sound design was a quantum leap ahead of the previous night

It didn’t really take much though – some cricket noises, some footsteps, a motor running – but the sounds convey the setting and the action, clearly yet subtly. The story introduced us to a new member of the monster pantheon: the zuvembie

The term may have been invented for the story by the author, Robert E. Howard. They did a pretty good job of adapting the story for audio, but I think they put a few too many of the narrator’s words into the dialogue, making for some stilted speech.

I managed to get one of our spooky sounds assignments in the broadcast

and the show closed out with some classic Poe and Christopher Walken’s rendition of The Raven, which also had an atmospheric soundtrack of howling wind, reverbed raven, and a distorted guitar that sounded like a chainsaw

Tweeting along with Tuesday’s show were


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