Report from the field

cc2012 Roger from

cc2012 Roger from

As you know, I was away on a mission over the past week. My investigations took me to Portland, a town crawling with dirty hippies, people sleeping in the streets, and beggars with pit bulls. I could totally see myself living there.

Purely by accident, I uncovered some potentially important evidence. The NoirCat, it seems, has accomplices.

BookScanCenter_1They are well-armed, and appear to be quite comfortable with their weaponry.

BookScanCenter_2They should be considered dangerous. Note the threatening snarl of the one on the left:


photos from How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety (c) 2013 The American Association of Patriots

We had been previously warned of the danger of NoirCat when someone hacked Black’s video channel a few weeks ago. The cats in the video were highly aggressive, and one had serious issues with a computer. Could it be responsible for the hacking? Or is it some kind of Luddite? It would seem that the cats are up to no good. Trouble lies at their door.



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  1. Erin says:

    oh no, the noir cats are everywhere

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