“Straight down the line.”

We had another great live tweet session with James M. Cain’s Double Indemnity last night. Lead actors Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck also played the leads in the classic 1944 film. The number three actor in the film, Edward G. Robinson, was heard the night before playing the part of Sam Spade. Kathy remarked that she preferred the radio version:

which is probably some kind of heresy, but people are entitled to their opinions. There is a compactness to the radio productions though. Both last night’s show and The Maltese Falcon from the night previous were about half the length of the films – 107 and 101 minutes respectively – but I didn’t notice ay real gaps in the stories, nothing missing as far as I could tell. That’s because the radio can’t afford to have dead air, so all those moments where the camera might linger before or after people speak get trimmed out. It makes the move along pretty quickly, as Leanna commented:

Going straight down the line with ds106radio on Wednesday were;

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