TV Guide remix: Noir106 style


Do they still have TV Guides? I haven’t looked at one since the 90s. The cable people I know all use the on-screen guides, and the rest of us out here in the wilderness are lucky if we can get two channels, so what’s the point of a guide?

But I liked the TV Guide remix assignment anyway. It might be fun to try to put a different spin on things.

The Postman Always Rings Twice – A kindly gentleman takes in a wild animal, with disastrous results.

I’m not sure if that feels drastically different, but bringing the predatory cat metaphor into the synopsis makes for a little verbal sleight-of-hand.

Chinatown – A private detective leads an eye-opening expose on corruption in the Los Angeles Water Dept.

OK, that was bad. I read a commentary on Chinatown many years ago which pointed out all the foreshadowing of the final scene that goes on throughout the movie, and that’s all I can see when I watch it now.

The Wild Party – White queen takes black pawn. Black pawn takes white king. It’s all in the game.

After Wire106, that couldn’t be helped, sorry. I don’t think any of these lives up to the Wizard of Oz example given in the assignment, but there the best I could do in the time frame I gave myself. In each case I looked for a less than obvious angle to take on the stories.

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2 Responses to TV Guide remix: Noir106 style

  1. The Chinatown one is pretty damn good. Commercial for nasal surgeons sponsored by Gillette?

    My memory of TV Guide is that my mom told me I learned my numbers from it. Luckily, in Baltimore at the time, the local stations, listed in order, were channels 2, 11, and 13, so I learned addition as well.

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