Ien Harris’ ds106 emergency alert

This was posted right around the beginning of the semester. It was an omen of things to come. I think it captures an intuitive understanding of the ds106 ethos.

Melinda Albrycht’s poem “The Wire”

Melinda’s poem is a great meditation on the themes of The Wire. While it is an example of excellent writing, what I found really inspiring was the reading of it, and the rhythm of it. That inspired me to remix it with the opening theme music.

dkernohan’s Daily Create: Text from the cover of a mid-price DVD re-issue of seasons 1-7 of “Jimmy McNulty and the Barksdale Gang”

I just love the idea of The Wire re-envisioned as a Saturday morning cartoon – Hong Kong Phooey meets Scooby Doo. I guess I’m not the only one, since this image is out there:


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