Taking shots at episode 6


adapted from http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/16/books/review/Kirn-t.html?pagewanted=all

The title of the episode was “All Prologue.” I think that relates to D’Angelo’s epigraph, which came in his response to the book discussion assertion that “there are no second acts in American lives.” The discussion leader was novelist/screenwriter Richard Price (pictured above in the NYT), who wrote some episodes of The Wire.
02omarI pulled out a few shots to look at. I like this close-up of Omar for the dark/light contrast.


04backgroundIn this one, they’re talking about the case and the target, who happens to be pinned to the bulletin board in the background. Even though it’s the background, it’s still pretty prominent because it’s right in the middle of the shot.


05carver reactionI mentioned in the tweet-along that so much of the acting is in the expressions and eyes. This is Carver’s reaction to a casually crude statement of Herc’s.


06background-floorThe floor to the meeting room is like a target, and now the whole union is in it. The shot has a tilt to it, like there’s some quiet turbulence going on.


07perspectiveHere’s another shot from a surveillance camera angle. The composition interests me too – something about the balance, and the light and dark. I’ll have to think about it.



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  1. I agree– a huge portion of acting is done in the eyes. Simple way to prove it: stand in front of the mirror and move the corners of your mouth into a smile without moving any other facial feature. Now smile normally with your mouth and eyes. Which one is more genuine?

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