unnamedIce T has had quite the career trajectory – from rapping about LA gang life to playing a gang leader in films to singing about killing police to playing a cop on TV. There’s a crime aspect at every stage. So I thought he’d be a good topic for Crime Time Radio.

(JPEG Image, 225 × 225 pixels)He takes his name from Iceberg Slim, a Chicago pimp who decided that writing about the pimp lifestyle had a better risk/reward ratio than living it. His first book, Pimp: The Story of My Life, was something of a hit. I haven’t read it, but will put it on my future reading list. True crime from the perspective of the criminal should be interesting. Slim also wrote several novels, one of which (Trick Baby) was made into a movie (on Youtube).

I had been putting shows on Soundcloud and linking them here, but I’ve run into storage limits. Time to look for plan B.

Audio Sources used:
Iceberg Slim – Mama Debt
Ice T – Colors
Ice-T- High Rollers

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