The addictive power of feedback

They all asked about you
Down on the FAWM
The cows asked, the pigs asked, the horses asked too.
(Barrère)  Down on the Farm

FAWMSomewhere in the Twitter stream about there was a mention of The RPM Challenge: “write 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February”. Since I rarely accept challenges, I thought it would be safe to click through and check it out. That site led me to FAWM, February is Album Writing Month. Maybe that click-through wasn’t so safe. I’ve never tried to write a song. I can’t sing. I’m only beginning to learn how to play music. But that didn’t stopped me from inflicting my creations upon the world. One of the things I picked up from ds106 was Freesound, which helped me build my latest lo-fi catastrophe, Brewing Black Cat Battle. I have an idea from the course in the works, based on an incident in Red Harvest, and I’m think about doing an ode to Prop Joe. I doubt I’ll meet the FAWM goal of 14 songs by the end of the month, what with my struggles with putting words and music together, my technical ineptitude with recording, and my highly suspect musical abilities. But I keep getting positive comments whenever I put something out there, so I keep trying. Such is the power of feedback. It’s addictive.

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2 Responses to The addictive power of feedback

  1. Jim Groom says:

    An ode to Prop Joe? Brilliant, I want to put a track on that album for D’Angelo!

    • phb256 says:

      D’Angelo would be a good subject – something tragic, maybe a murder ballad. He had a lot of good lines that could be worked into lyrics. That’s kinda what I’m trying to do with Joe.

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