Hardboiled timeline

I thought it would be interesting to make a timeline to put the books and movies we’re covering in a historical context. So I started this thing using Dipity. I set it so anyone can edit it, so feel free to make it better.

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3 Responses to Hardboiled timeline

  1. Mo says:

    This is really awesome! It can really explain where the authors and characters are coming from! Thank you.

    • phb256 says:

      Glad you like it. You’re welcome to add to it – you may see things that I miss. I think you have to register with Dipity to edit, but registration is free.

  2. Connor Payne says:

    I love the idea. It should be on Professor Groom’s site permanently, I would also love adding to it but I am looking at it through my iPhone at the moment.

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