I ran into this error message when trying to run Wav2Lip last week:

screenshot of Connection Failed messageI did file an appeal, asking what was suspected of being abusive, without expecting a response. Under their usage limitations they list deepfakes.

screenshot of which activities are restricted in ColabAnything I’ve made is too transparently faked to be considered deep, but some may argue otherwise. I wonder if it was Bob that busted me. Can’t trust those painter types. It got blocked in some countries due to copyright, so that’s why I’m suspicious. It’s better to work with public domain material anyway though.

I managed to do this with Frank and Vinny. So it should be possible with Grant and Hepburn. I’d have to down load the video, cut the parts before and after the phone conversation, and then separate the two sides to make training videos. After putting words in their mouths I’d have to piece it back together as a conversation. Seems tedious, but possible.

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